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Trind Professional Glass Nail File


Trind Professional Glass Nail File

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Trind Professional Glass Nail File

The Trind Professional Glass File is patented and made out of durable glass. This makes this file a professional instrument of the highest possible quality. The Trind Professional Glass File can last a lifetime and is easy to use. This file is also available in the Trind Magic Box, a “magical” box, in which you can protect your file from breaking. Very handy for in your handbag! Be careful: there are also imitation (crystal)files on the market. These files are provided with fine glass grit, which is glued to the file surface. When this file is intensively used, it will be worn out quickly and you should replace your file.

Directions For Use

Place the Trind Professional Glass File to the edge of the nail and then move it with light pressure from the outside to the middle of the nail. This way of filing prevents dirt to come into the nail. We advise you to never cut the nails. For hygienic reasons, you can clean the Professional Glass File with hand warm water after use. Besides, the Professional Glass File has a very high durability.

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